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Before purchasing, you will need to download and install the demo version of the application from our website so you can find the RegCode on the handheld application's "License" screen. The license screen can be found by tapping the menu button and selecting "License" from the "Options" menu. After you find out the RegCode on your device, you may purchase an unlock key from one of the online sites below.

  • If ordering from the Handango online store, you should provide your RegCode, found on the license screen of the handheld application, when prompted for your "PalmID". Handango Secure Shopping Cart

  • If ordering from the eSellerate online store, you will be prompted for your RegCode and will automatically receive your unlock key immediately after the transaction completes. eSellerate Secure Shopping Cart

Unlock key for Vocab Tutor for PalmOS
only $14.95