Vocab Tutor
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Vocab Tutor allows users to create or share their own vocabulary courses from any subject for review on the go. The Vocab Tutor mobile application provides a highly optimized user interface with many combinations of options to suit anyone's learning preferences.

Create flashcard courses using the convenience of the desktop course editor program, Vocab Builder, or students can input flashcards directly into the mobile application on the go, such as in a classroom environment. The desktop conduit provides two way synchronization between words organized on the desktop, and those collected "on the field".

Features: Desktop "Vocab Builder" application:
  • Edit course description, word and translation labels, and author identification
  • Create, edit, and delete dictionary items
  • Manage lessons, and move dictionary items between lessons
  • Conduit provides two way synchronization between courses edited on the desktop and courses edited on the device.
  • Easy to use interface includes expandable treeview and many shortcuts.
Desktop conduit:
  • Provides two way synchronization between courses created on your handheld and desktop
Palm OS Course Viewer:
  • Create and edit vocabulary course files on your handheld device or view and edit those created using the Vocab Builder
  • Organize vocabulary words into lesson groups
  • Powerful flashcard viewing modes to manage, study, and quiz yourself Simple one click, one handed navigation for easy studying

Requires: Any desktop PC running MicroSoft Windows.