Vocab Tutor for Palm OS
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm having trouble using the application. Q: What is the difference between the demo and registered versions of Vocab Tutor for Palm OS?

Q: I am having trouble synchronizing courses to the handheld

  • Check to be sure the Vocab Tutor is properly installed. In your system tray, in the bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop computer screen, you should see a blue and red "hotsync" icon. Right click on this icon and select "Custom..." from the popup menu. Look for "Vocab Tutor" in the list and make sure the action is set to "Synchronize the files.". If you don't have the Vocab Tutor conduit installed, please re-run the VocabTutor_setup.exe installer on your desktop computer.
  • After you first run the installer, make sure you do two hotsyncs before trying to synchronize a course. The first hotsync after running the installer installs the VocabTutor.prc application on your device. With the second hotsync, the Vocab Tutor conduit is invoked by the Palm hotsync manager and a "MobileTutor" directory is created on your desktop under the Palm desktop software's directory.
  • Locate your "MobileTutor" directory on your desktop computer. It should be located at C:\Palm\username\MobileTutor (or wherever you installed your Palm desktop software). Make sure that the course files you are trying to sync (ie "mycourse.xml") is located in that directory.
  • Load the course you are trying to sync (ie "mycourse.xml") into the Vocab Builder desktop application to verify it is a valid course file. Be sure the course has a valid name (ie "My Course") otherwise the course may have a blank name listed in the handheld application.
  • Please refer to the documentation section on the conduit for more information.

Q: I placed an order, but have not received my unlock key yet. When can I get my unlock key?

  • If you ordered from our eSellerate linked from our website, you should receive your unlock key from them automatically, upon completion of your order.
  • Otherwise, we recommend that you purchase your unlock key before you finish the demo because the registration process can take some time. We automatically email unlock keys to users within seconds of receiving batch sales reports from other online distributors. But depending on the time of day that you order and the time the distributor emails us their batch sales report, the process can take minutes or even a day. On some occasions (usually during holidays), it has taken them longer than a day to email us their batch sales reports, so if it has been longer than 24 hours since your order, please email us to request an unlock key. Be sure to include the email address you used when ordering, the date you placed the order, the name of the online distributor where you purchased from, and your RegCode.

Q: I lost my unlock key, can I get another?

  • Sure! To get a replacement unlock key, please send us your Name, Email address, the retailler (online or otherwise) where you purchased your unlock key, your RegCode, and the approximate date when you purchased it. We will lookup your information in our database and email you a new key. Our response time can vary; it usually takes a few hours, but could take several days. For that reason, we recommend that you save your unlock key in a safe place.
  • You can find your RegCode by running the game, and tapping the "Menu" silkscreen key. From there, tap the "License" button and your RegCode will be printed there (i.e. "50:61:6C:6D:20:6C:61:74:6F:72:CC").
  • After you receive your unlock key, return to the license screen to enter it, and the game will remain permanently unlocked. You will need to re-enter the key again if you lose all the data on your device and need to re-install all the software