Vocab Tutor for Palm OS
Version History
Version 1.1.0 Sept 9, 2003:
  • Changes to Palm application:
    • Special support for various device input methods
      • Navigation API support for Handspring Treo 600
      • Jog dial support for Sony devices
      • 5 way nav button support for Palm Tungsten devices
      • Rocker switch support for Treo 180, 270, 300
    • Context help for Manage, Study, and Quiz modes detects the features of the device and explains what each of the various input mechanisms do in the current flashcard mode (ie, Study, Manage, and Quiz modes).
    • Separate sets of "startup tips" for main application and lesson list forms
    • Change default flashcard mode from Manage to Study
    • Allow hardkeys in flashcard study and manage mode so you don't inadvertently exit application when switching from study mode.
    • Fix quiz mode score display
    • Study Mode word field scrollbar fixed
    • When creating / editing new words, popup warning if field is blank
  • Changes to Conduit:
    • Fix bug with one way synchronization of courses from handheld to desktop
    • Fix delete of lesson then sync causes conduit to hang.
  • Changes to Desktop:
    • Fix bug that would assign bogus object ID's when adding new items to a course that had already been synch'd
    • Fix updating existing object doesn't get sync'd to device.
    • Fixed setting of synchronization flags
Version 1.0.0 August 13, 2003:
  • Initial Public Release