General Help

  • For questions about using or developing content for Mobile Tutor's products, please visit the Yahoo Mobile Tutor User and Content Development Forum. If you cannot find answers there, and do not receive a reply to your post, then you may contact us directly.
  • If you were unable to obtain an answer by searching or posting your question to the Yahoo web forum, please email us directly at: .

Help with a Specific Product

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Bug Reporting

If you believe you have discovered a bug in any of our products, please email . Please be sure to include the following information with your bug report: what Mobile Tutor product you are using, what Platform the product is for, what versions of the desktop course editor, conduit, and client application you are using, what kind of handheld device you are using, and what version of Windows you are running. Please describe, in as much detail as you can remember, exactly what you were doing just before the bug occurred, what error messages appeared, if any, and whether you are able to reproduce the bug.